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Fire Damage

A flood or a fire inside your Townsend, MT home is something that you will never forget. Even if there was not all that much damage, the disaster will still leave a mark. Often, that mark is left behind on precious possessions. They were not destroyed in the flood or the fire, but they are also not as they once were. If you need help cleaning up after a fire or a flood in your home, contact R & R Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Inc. We can help to lessen the mark left by the disaster.

There are many cases when people consider that their property has been damaged beyond repair when they have suffered any kind of accident that has damaged their Surface or stained it in a way that seems impossible to restore. One of the services that we offer at R & R Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Inc is content cleaning. This might be a term that you are not all that familiar with, but we are. Quite simply, if there was water or fire damage, chances are that there are still plenty of objects that can be restored. This is what content cleaning is all about.

If you have fire damage in your home, we can help. At R & R Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Inc, we serve Montana City, Helena, and Townsend, MT, as well as the rest of the Greater Helena area. If you would like to know more about us and the other services that we provide, visit our website at There is a place on the website where you can also request a free estimate. At R & R Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Inc, we want to help you put the fire or the flood behind you. We will treat your personal belongings with the same care that we would use if we were cleaning our own possessions.

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